The world is a land of wonderful experiences. It offers the best travel destinations and outstanding wooing spots. With the snow-capped mountains, golden and cold desert, a diverse culture, sunny beaches, exceptionally uninterrupted scenic views, lip-smacking cuisines, there's a lot to see and experience.
We have got some most beautiful places in the world that will leave your search to pick a magnificently dreamy destination complete.

1. Paris – France

The city emits the vibes of romance and love at once you step into it. The place where we have seen the couples getting their love approval, at the Eiffel Tower and getting a click here, justifies the energy. The Louvre Museum, the Disneyland- theme park along with gilded apartments of the Palace of Versailles, chandeliered Hall of Mirrors, and the Fountain show are some attractions to be mentioned here.

2. Marrakech – Morocco

Marrakech is commonly known as “The Land of God” and the third-largest city in Morocco, which lies near the foothills of the snowy Atlas Mountains. The city offers an amazing fuse of adventure and sightseeing. There are several historical and architectural sites with some stupendous museums that will keep your travel engaging.The Sahara Desert lies a few hours from Marrakech, making the city captivating for trekkers too.

3. New Zealand

A place where you won’t encounter on- the road frustration. The sublime forests, strikingly beautiful mountains, panoramic lakes, uncluttered beaches, and fiords-all of them make NZ one of the best peaceful places in the world. Not only the surreal landscape but, New Zealand also presents astonishing National parks, enormously beloved culture, recommended surfing and skiing spots. The place is an all-rounder destination to visit.

4. Bora Bora

A perfect example of majestic scenery, Bora Bora, is comparatively an extravagant destination to catch up. The place is known for its incredible luxurious resorts satiating the royal luxury dream of travellers. Looking forward to experiencing something deluxe then, Bora Bora is one of the top places to visit in the world.

5. Rome

When in Rome, do as the Romans do! It does not go only in saying but this European country, has left a powerful impression in the world culturally.Rome, the capital city of Italy, also houses one of the Seven Wonders of the World- The Roman Colosseum. Strolling around the picturesque buildings is the best way to keep the Roman memory’s journal interesting and lavishing. The city is one kind of exceptional examples depicting the convincing Roman Empire and its world-famous architecture.

6. Bali, Indonesia

Bali is one of the popular visitations in the world. The Island of Gods with its exceptionally stunning landscape of hills and mountains has some winsome attractions.The rugged coastlines, sandy beaches, lush rice terraces, and barren volcanic hillsides- the place gives all the reasons to stay on the to-do adventure list. Snorkelling, diving, and witnessing the marine life with glass-bottom boat rides are some unforgettable sensuous experiences.

7. London

Brimming with frenetic energy, London is a wonderful city full of spectacular views. The largest observation wheel- The London Eye, and the Great bell - The Big Ben are the two world-class halts of every visitor. Live Music- London is one of the best cities in the world for concerts, spanning from new musical trends to a well-known band of musicians. Popular classical concerts at St Martin-in-the-Fields, Trafalgar Square are something not to miss. Tower Bridge will give you the most panoramic view, it crosses the River Thames close to the Tower of London and has become an iconic symbol of London.

8. Barcelona – Spain

Barcelona is always a good idea. The city hosts the world’s most highlighted sightseeing, nightlife, and restaurants, is indeed proud of its visitors every year from the world. Moving amidst the Gaudi architectural masterpieces and stopping at the liveliest pedestrian walkway is the most peaceful thing that one experiences in his entire life.

9. Maldives

Powdered –white beaches, unrivalled luxury, and stunning underwater life, Maldives is an obvious choice for any dreamy holiday of a lifetime. It is home to perhaps spectacular beaches in the world and has bagged to be one of the favourite visited places. With some of the best diving and snorkelling in the world, the crystal clear water of Maldives is a cluster of some unique marine life species.

10. Santorini –Greece

In the group of Greek islands, this volcanic island is infamous for its dramatic views and stunning sunsets. The place is a major attraction for its villages and towns that are located along the top of the crescent-shaped cliff. The towns here showcase a wonderful breath-taking fancy view.

11. Dubai

Dubai is one of the seven states in Emirates that constitute the UAE. It is one of the dazzling cities in the UAE. The most appropriate place for a good short break including shopping, partying, sunbathing, sports activities, and some inexplicable pleasures to set your holiday mood righteous.The BurjKhalifa, Dubai Mall, and The Palm Atlantis are few astonishing spots to lift your travel mood. The popular Desert Safari will just add adventurous energy.

12. Amsterdam

The largest financial, cultural, and creative capital of the Netherlands, crowns to be one of the popular destinations of Europe.It is popularly known for its charming canals that crisscross the city, complementing the impressive architecture, and makes everybody fall in love with its beauty. The treasure of Amsterdam other than its tilting gabled buildings is vintage –filler shops, exhilarating drinking, dining, and shopping scenes.

13. Peru

Peru, a country in South America is located, on the western side of the continent. The place is not only amazingly rich in natural resources but also charms with its exotic places.It is known for its complex and intricate architectural weavings. Machu Pichu is flocked by visitors, as the spot is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.Travelling, the place is worthy because of its thrilling para-gliding, zip-lines and, wondrous sunset point.

14. Sydney – Australia

Travelling Sydney, for some livelier moment, in life is the most excellent journey to recall later. Most of the city's highlights houses lie in the city centre. One can witness the beauty on both foot and water. The Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera house are top places of interest. You can easily Spot birds, bats, opossums, and the occasional kangaroo or wallaby in Sydney's national parks.

15. Mauritius

The place is rightly crowned for its sapphire waters, finest sandy beaches, and seaside resorts. Not only this, the land offers more attraction which is one kind of place to explore. The place has hiking forested and mountainous interiors with world-class diving and snorkelling offshores.

Additional Place

1. Istanbul – Turkey

The magical place of East and West has top-notch attractions. The strategic location of Istanbul has attracted many people over the centuries. The city hosts some exceptional architectural masterpieces which are adored by their churches and palace of mosaic frescoes.Dinning at the best restaurants in the country, one can relish Asian and Italian cuisines with an amazing local twist. Do try out their local fish that is surely one of the signature dishes the place is proud to offer.

2. Vietnam

Renting a bike and riding it all through the amazing sceneries of a landscape, the place is known for its panoramic beauty. Vietnam’s largest waterfall will chill your spine as it stays the only waterfall in the country. Interestingly the one side falls in China and the other in Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh City is the largest economic trade Centre. The city has numerous places to explore Cu CiTunnel a must-see tunnel connected with Vietnam war, Mekong Delta, Hang Po cave– the most amazing cave systems. In Ha Giang, crossroads that meander through stunning mountains, the villages of ethnic minorities tucked in hillsides or lost in the valleys. The markets are also ideal places to experience the local life and culture of ethnic minorities.

3. Switzerland

Switzerland is the true soul mate. It may sound a little dramatic but travelling in Switzerland makes you feel complete. Switzerland is one of the peaceful and most romantic regions of the world, and being here is even more excited than arising thought. A land of chocolates! Genevais known internationally for its wine regions, BellingzonaCastle a UNESCO world heritage site, Swiss watches and souvenirs are white elephants in the jungle.Zurich Cruise from Lucerne to Mount Rigi rejuvenates your inside adventure by sailing in the crystal blue water with exquisite scenes. Chapel Bridge in Lucerne, Ice flyer at Mount TitlisJungfraujoch,-the top of Europe are some not to miss places in Swiss country.FIFA Football World Museum is in Zurich Switzerland for all who go crazy when they hear the name FIFA. With the constant spectacular scenery in the middle of the Swiss Alpine mountains, the city combines exhausting hikes during the day, convenient accommodations, and sumptuous cuisines.

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A Guide of your Malaysia Trip in March 2020

Extensively embracing views of the landscapes and the crazy vibe of the nightlife signifies to make Malaysia an ebullient holiday destination for travellers around the globe. The beautiful and lucent sunrays of the clear, cloudless skies and heartwarming cityscapes offer enchanting views. There are a lot of attractions to spend your holidays with.

Along with major attractions, March is the month of two spectacular festivals attractively fetching people of all backgrounds here. Visiting Malaysia in March, brings an extremely impressive time because of its perfect holiday weather, complimenting the festival time. Blissful and blue skies with adequate rainfall brush up the country with the most fantastic and vibrant energy of the year. It adds a lot of colour to nature's instincts.

Some picky and best Places to Visit in Malaysia in March

The cities' buoyance and lip-smacking food and enchanting islands are undeniably gorgeous. Malaysia houses many attractions that are immaculate in architecture and masterly entertaining.

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Penang is a glorious cocktail of architectural rich itineraries and efficient commerce. Conceived to be the most beautiful city in Malaysia, Penang is a combination of modernism and customary tradition within its surroundings. The place is stacked with attractions that represent historical importance. The exceptional art- scene at monuments with numerous street-side food stalls, is one of the great indulgences.

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Kuala Lumpur

A place offering a combination of both cultural diversity and immaculately revived heritage, Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of Malaysia. It is perhaps the most engaging city in the country. A gleaming place hosting the hustle-bustle of the country, the Central Market will satisfy your shopping senses. This indwelling market rules from ancient traditional handicrafts to extravagant street food. The shops here will leave you to baffle with your selection. From a carousel of your favorite branded clothes, footwear to a bunch of extremely impressive clubs also, Bukit Bintang is another attraction and is also known as the pubbing district of the city.

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Port Dickson

One of the closest beach areas to Kulala Lumpur, Port Dickson is known for a tranquil ambiance and a lot of sunny beaches. If you're looking for a family-friendly packed beach experience then, the city is a winsome place adding up the thrill and adventure to your holiday. The pristine beaches and bewitching landscapes in the city make the stay extravagant. An enchanting place for a peaceful time. Highlighted attractions: Upside Down Art Gallery, Turtle Hatchery Center, U Cape Rachado Lighthouse, and local sightseeing.

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Mount Kinabalu

The highest point between the Himalayas and Guinea, the spectral towering Mt. Kinabalu is the highest mountain on the world's third-largest island. The mountains all around the city will give you some breathtaking views. Trekking is not a duck soup here, is characteristically an up and down walk to a very steep hill through the jungle. It is a sight to behold.

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Malaysia's this place dominates the golden shores, spectral wooded forests, fascinating shopping, and archipelago of islands, Langkawi is a paradise to visit in Malaysia in March of 2020. It is an enclave of more than 100 islands, therefore the place has a lot to offer to all scuba divers and snorkeling enthusiasts. All you do is relax and feel the gentle cool breeze at the beaches, and the tranquil view.

March Festivals In Malaysia:

Malaysia has been the center of a lot of cultural and traditional festivals. It attracts enormous tourism from different corners of the world. The country spreads the joyful wavelength during the festivals not only in Malaysia but across the globe.

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Cosplay Festival

Cosplay is the portmanteau of the words "the costume and play". Cosplay festival happened to be organized in the latter days of March. The festival in Malaysia is monitored by the Cosplay community. It is an activity where participants wear costumes fashion accessories to represent a specific character. It involves several sports activities, and photo competitions, skits, exhibition booths, and so on.

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Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

The day is a magical experience with an astounding colorful ride with gigantic, colored balloons floating in the sky, a festival to appreciate. The creatively shaped balloons with different colors drifting and making stylized patterns give the most exceptional view. The festival gets highly energetic at night. The inflated balloons lit up along with the music beats and the fireworks play,which is something that cannot be explained in words.

Venezuela- Home to the world’s largest waterfalls!

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Home to some staggering landscapes, Andean peaks, Caribbean coastline, Venezuela is one of the incredibly beautiful places.16 times higher than Niagara Falls, the Angel Falls, is 979 meters high. It has an undivided drop of 807 meters making, it the most experiential attraction for visitors. Very few countries in the world have this extent of beauty. Unfortunately, this astonishing place faces many political crises due to which the retaliate violent actions detain the traveler to its exploration. Therefore, ensure to take a complete check of activities before visiting or making any bookings. Therefore, ensure to take a complete check of activities before visiting or making any bookings. Thewildlife spotting includes the Anacondas, capybaras (world's largest rodents) caimans, jaguars, and numerous birds. The Canaima National, a UNESCO World Heritage site Park holds bristling wildlife. Los Roques is a beautiful chain of islands adding glory to the place. Snorkeling, diving, and relaxing at beaches are some attractions in this beautiful place in the country. The place offers amazing coral reefs and turtle sanctuary to witness.

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Road Drives in and Around Germany

One of the best ways to travel around Germany is by road. If you like to drive through the road and planning a trip to be in Germany, then it is going to an immensely exciting experience. Not only will yoube indebted to German roads, but also enjoy some of the most relaxing days cruising through quaint villages, medieval castles, and uninterrupted countryside.

The German highway system is called the Autobahn and because of no speed limit to most of the vehicles. The speed limit is enforced in areas that are accident-prone, under construction, or close to the cities. Hence, driving on Germany's Autobahn is an incredibly rewarding experience for many.

Travelling to Germany extensively in a camper van, or on a rented car is worth it. If you're hiring a car, then be sure to read the car rental hacks to help you save money. Find the most suitable itinerary for the most beautiful road trip in Europe.

There is something undeniably artistic as and when German's scenic drives and themed roads are unfolded. When you visit an exceptional place, then one should not be time-bound. With many options to explore, however, some certain trips and roads make your journey a bonanza with its top picks.

Best Short Road Trips in Germany

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Drive through Bavaria

Perhaps one of the most famous road trip routes in Germany, the Romantic Road was designed by travel agents back in the 1950s. This 350 kilometers long route starts in Würzburg and heads south through beautiful Bavaria and ends in Füssen. The most gorgeous two German towns – Rothenburg and Neuschwanstein Castle are in the way. You will fall in love with a smooth traveling through Bavaria because the place is clustered with the country's most beautiful sights. You may stop by Munich, which is the capital of Bavaria and the popular for the biggest Oktoberfest. Explore numerous and old- buildings in Munich and visit the Viktualienmarkt, a farmers' market in the city Centre. Bavaria hosts some best and engaging places to visit. Bavarian treats such as Leberkase meatloaf or the Bratwurst sausage are phenomenal delicacies to cherish. You will love Munich's legendary hall, Hofbrauhaus, and a feel of a blue German drinking establishment.

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The German Castle Route- Mannheim to Prague

Germany's sightseeing of the most beautiful castles on the way is the most intriguing driving one will ever have. The advisable route for castle sightseeing is from Mannheim to Prague, also called the German Castle Road. A road trip that is as captivating as visiting more than 70 castles and palaces is surely one kind of experience. Take a stop at Heidelberg – one among the foremost beautiful towns on the German Castle Road. Explore those visually charming castle museums or the romantic ruins on those winding back roads with easy to follow signs. If you want to explore the castles in-depth so, go for only a few. A road trip that is as captivating as visiting more than 70 castles and palaces is surely one kind of experience. Don’t miss out stopping at Heidelberg – one of the most beautiful towns on the German Castle Road. Explore those visually charming castle museums or the romantic ruins on those winding back roads with easy to follow signs. If you want to explore the castles in-depth so, go for only a few.

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Know the Black Forest Route- Freudenstadt to Baden-Baden

This is conceivably the oldest themed route in Germany that goes through the Black Forest. The route starts in Freudenstadt and drives north to Baden Baden. This road is also known as "the Black Forest High Road" because the road rises along with two mountain ranges -Kniebis and Schliffkopf. The most thrilling route goes about 1000 meters above sea level at Hornisgrinde and around and the road drops as it enters Baden-Baden.

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Hanau to Bremen

Enter an exciting terminal as you drive from Hanau to Bremen by exploring Germany's countryside, and land upon the Fairy Tale Road. It is one of the beautiful roads of the country with a few small towns on the way that resemble the setting for some of the most famous fairy tales. The 500 miles road seems like living the fantasies that we all must have heard in our childhood. The magical castles, majestic cathedrals, and fantastic mindblowing sight will make your trip more exhilarating after visiting the town of Hanau which is the birthplace of Brothers Grimm.

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You will encounter the country's oldest scenic drive towards the southwest of Germany in the Rhineland Palatinate. The route is famous as der Weinstraße in German and it starts in Bockenheim, turns towards the south, and ends in Schweigen-Rechtenbach. This 50-mile long route is interesting to visit as it's the second-largest wine-growing region in Germany and that too from Wissembourg at the French border. With the end approaching of this route, you will find the German Wine Gate in Schweign. Visit old-world restaurants, quaint wine villages, and picturesque vineyards on the way and do partake in the local harvest festivals celebrated throughout spring and summer.

You should experience Japan once in a lifetime, and here is why!

Describing Japan as the surprise ball for every traveler is indeed the most appropriate brief about the place. It is not only a technical wonder but an attraction to the thousands of magnificent shrines, astounding temples, gorgeous gardens, and magically ornate palaces. We have listed the best places to visit in Japan that are just perfect to make every moment of your journey mesmerizing.
Japan and its cities are worth your visit.

1. Tokyo

Mistaken if you understand this as one city, Tokyo is a cluster of many cities and is a major attraction for travelers globally. The place has a humid subtropical climate zone. Reaching this destination is very convenient as the place has accommodated every means of transport.

City’s highlights

Tokyo becomes a dominant name for many commercial activities. Shopping, eating, and, wandering to witness modern Japan is something that you will experience in abundance. Your journey will be full of some exceptional array of sights. Temples of Asakusa, the magnificent gardens of the Imperial Palace, and the Meiji shrine- are the visitations giving your travel a kick-start. The Yoyogi Park is a place for Tokyoites where different people from various walks of life show up to enjoy some quality time with their hobbies. The place offers some maddening night clubs to party lovers. Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea place are Asia's most visited amusement parks. A boat rides on Asakusa and a party in the park with local people. It is one of the highly-rated fashion and cosmetic centers in the Eastern World. Therefore, jewelry, antique furniture, traditional clothing, and favorite cartoon characters' toys, you will get several options.

2. Kyoto

Cuddled among the range of Western Honshu, the former capital was a residence of the country's emperor until the Meiji Restoration. It is interesting to know that the orientation of the city, is an exact replicate of the Chinese capital Xi'an. The Place offers incredible visitations that have kept the itinerary indeed engaging for visitors. The Place proudly hosted 14 UNESCO World Heritage List in 1994. It is an astonishing spot to experience.

City’s highlights

Stroll through the Imperial Palaces and villas for a real treat Kyoto is specifically famous during the cherry blossom season, listed also under the most beautiful and official top cherry blossom spot. The abundance of historical sites often draws the attention of travelers who are eager to experience the traditional culture. If, in Kyoto, do relish the local food of the city- Matcha, Yatsuhashi, Mont Blanc aux Marrons.

3. Nara

Nara was Japan's first permanent and one of the country’s most incentive destinations. Nara is developed under Buddhism influence that has flourished the country with a massive heritage of the culture.

City’s Highlights

Nara Park hosts the city’s most sights that involve temples, shrines, and popular mercenary deer. Daibutsu, one of the largest Buddha statues in the world, is a major attraction. Nara’s famous walk of heritage is experienced through the stroll at the old merchant district of Naramachi.

4. Naoshima

The famous island offers contemporary museumsthroughout the city, the city island Naoshimahas less population. Therefore, the place has become a hot spot for tourists. It offers breathtaking art installations that are placed throughout the island. Museums and numerous outdoor sculptures are located around the area.

City’s Highlights

Bath House, a fully functional art installation with a traditional public bath. Lee Ufan Museum explains modern and traditional architecture. Naoshima Camping- One of the peaceful and wonderful places

5. Akihabara

The skiing resort in the Chubu district of Japan is a location for a snowboarder with additional perks of the winter season. The site heartedly embraces adventure tourism among travelers. Not only winter but, visitors now come to the place in other seasons as well, and get engaged in hiking, mountain biking, paragliding with other adventurous activities. The spots are popularly known for their blueberries and purple rice.

6. Odaiba

Featured with Giant Gundam robot and Toyota Mega Web, Odaibais an artificially intrinsic island in Tokyo Japan. The destination provides you the best experiences of shopping and sightseeing. Not only excursion Odaiba Marine park is also a perfect spot for couples, finding an ultimate view amidst their love.

City’s Highlights

The landmark of Odaiba – Fuji V Building Miraikan, with new tech robots and space modules. A dedicated ocean liner shaped six-story museum is an incredibly amazing place.

7. Mt.Fuji

Crowned as Japan's highest mountain visible from Tokyo on a clear day, Mount Fuji is the focal point of the Naoshimasprawling fuzzy Hakone- Izu National Park. The climbing of the mountain stays as the most exciting and intriguing task for athletes.

City’s highlights

The Panoramic view of the place that is wreathed in clouds most of the time is one of the remarkable sightseeing. The Fuji Five lakes are located to the north of the mountain. The enchanting view of Mt. Fuji is also viewed from Gotemba, Fujinomiya, Numazu.

8. Hakuba

The marvelous winter land to snowboarder or skier, the area will satisfy your adventurous senses. Hakuba is a stunning skiing resort, with plenty of bike trails and walking paths to get around. Activities like boating, sport fishing, and windsurfing are popular during the green season. Interestingly Aoki-Ko one of the freshwater lakes does not host any engines and motor boards, therefore, the site is a quiet and gorgeous spot in Hakuba.

City’s highlights

Winters sports activities at Hakuba Winter Park Skiing opportunity in a heavenly beautiful setting atHappo-one Enjoy the hot bath rich in minerals amidst snow-capped mountains.

9. Kamakura

Known for its scintillating dozens of unique temples and beaches with a calm atmosphere, Kamakura is one of the popular destinations of Japan. The siteis usually visited from Tokyo and has an assorted network of buses that will reach out from the train station and take you to the city highlights. Kamakura also has a late back the wife complementing with organic restaurants summer beach hacks, and surfers. The place hosts a lot of sightseeing and they have scattered around the city but, most prominent is the Great Buddha which you will find very crowded on the weekends and Holidays

10. Nagano

The launching point for ski resorts and onsen, Nagana is a popular destination for sports enthusiasts and fans. The location hosted Olympics in 1998, due to which it still lets you experience the M-wave speed skating areas and the Aqua – Wing. It is also famous for a big summer festival. Visit Zenkōji, a pilgrimage site that draws a major attraction to the hidden Buddha statue that makes its public appearance only every six years.

City Highlights

Pilgrims voyage at Zenkoji Temple Travel to the gorgeous Matsumoto Castle You may also go trekking from the lower to the middle and the upper shrines of Togaksuhi.

11. Kawaguchi

Famous for its lake and howling view of Mt. Fuji Kawaguchi is an abode of natural beauty. If you are looking for a lush green place that let you undergo realistic nature, then it is a winsome place out of all.

City’s highlights

Lake Kawaguchi The local festival will give a teaser of Japan's culture.

12. Hokkaido

The most densely populated place of Japan, Hokkaido lies in the northernmost on Japan's map. It is home to Japan's local people and constantly features some amazing national parks. The temperature is cooler than the other cities of Japan, therefore making the city a likable spot in Japan between May and August.

City Highlights

Hokkaido’s National Parks offering stunning untamed wilderness. The place gives you a mesmerizing hiking opportunity. The breathtaking view of Blue Pond.

13. Ishigaki

This beachy destination is popular for its spectacular views win Japan. It is the second-largest and sparsely populated island of Yaeyama islands of Japan. Ishigaki's beaches are little low famous beaches which makes it an amazing place if you are looking for an isolated and relaxing place to spend your holidays.

City’s highlights

The stunning aquamarine blue bay with perfect golden beach sand,Kabira Bay offers the best free land side views.The Sukuji Beach and Yonehara Beach are the other hot spots. Scuba diving with clear water is one of the praising advice that one must do. Snorkeling at Yonehara Beach is an amiable activity among divers.

14. Hiroshima

Interestingly, the historical bomb attack site, Hiroshima is a new modern universal city with scrumptious dishes and flurry nightlife. It has a dramatic history and features all the ferroconcrete and attributes of any Japanese modern city. The travelers with its populous history indeed find it a major attraction of Japan.

City’s highlights

Peace Memorial Park is an innkeeper of almost all the memorials connected to the atomic bomb attack. A big green freewayin the middle of the city, Chuo Park includes many attractions. Historical five-story Hiroshima Castle is a captivating howler for visitors.

15. Sapporo

The largest transport hub and capital of Hokkaido, the city is one of the nicest and newest cities in Japan. The winters are extremely welcoming by travelers as it hosts the world-famous Sapporo Snow Festival every year. This makes the site one of the most visited places in Japan in winter.

City’s highlights

The oldest still-standing building Clock Tower The Olympics featured a skiing experience at Mt. Teine. Hokkaido and Sapporo Art museums contain modern and contemporary art sculptures making the trip engaging. Jōzankei will offer enchanting scenery of your visit in the autumn season.

16. Osaka

The third-largest central metropolis of the Kansai region, Osaka is a magnificent city to complete your Japan Trip. With the picky shopping streets and delicious eateries, it is a quench for party lovers. Amazingly you will visit one of the world's largest aquariums with more than 100s of sharks, otters, seals, dolphins, and other marine animals.

City’s highlights

Japan’s largest theme park- Universal Studios Japan Best known sight- Osaka Castle The weirdly shaped building - Umeda Sky An exceptional view of cherry blossoms at Japan Mint.

17. Yakushima

One of the rain-drenched places, a steep terrain isolated island, Yakushima is nature's wonderland. If you see giant turtles laying eggs, then it becomes the highlight of your entire journey to Japan. It is most visited for its ancient cedar forest and nature’s vision.

City’s highlights

Yakusugi Museum with island's natural wonders and historical events Hypnotizing view of Japan’s best waterfall, OoKo-no-Taki-waterfalls Hiking trails and overnight stay for an adventurous tour

18. Takayama

Traditional townscape is famous for its well- maintained quarter. The city is small enough to be explored on foot or by bicycle. If you are looking for a time where you get away from opulence living standards, then Takayama is a perfect option in Japan.

City’s highlights

Open-air museum- Hida Folk Village Karakuri Museum for festival float Famous two festivals- SannōMatsuri and Yahata Matsuri.

19. Kabukicho

This place begins your journey in Japan. It is an exact contrast to high- energetic life and magnificent shopping malls. Kabukicho is packed with a shopping market and full of catchy things featuring a typical Asian market.

City’s highlights

Gigantic complex -Tokyo National Museum A pond full of water lilies and waterfowl- Shinobazu Pond.

20. Ueno Park

Ueno Park vindicates to be an ideal place for a short stay in Japan. The journey is full of historical recalls.Yanaka and Yokocho will let you experience the authentic and fun vibes tremendously.

City’s highlights

Hanami- a traditional experience of Japan National Museum of Nature and Science Bliss and serenity at Ueno Toshogu Shrine.

21. Yokohama

A busy fishing city, Yokohama is the second-largest city in Japan. It is half an hour away from Tokyo and proudly contributes to the effective giant cluster with Japan's other cities. The enchanting Minato Mirai waterfront onboard along with compact Chinatown regions.

City’s highlights

Marine Tower may be one of the tallest on-land lighthouses HikawaMaru, a historical site used for shooting location Exhibiting the history of instant Noodles-Cup Noodles Museum.

22. Tohoku

Hosting many castles and samurai, the snow country pulls travelers for skiing and winter sports. It is the northeastern region of Honshu's island in Japan. This seacoast country has the highest snowfall figures in the world. Therefore, traveling to this destination will add up amazing memories in your memory journal.

City’s highlights

Dewa Sanzan is very popular among the pilgrims as the temple depicts –death, birth, and rebirth. Hiking at Kinkazan Matsushima offers Japan's Great Views.

23. Nagoya

The fourth-largest city of Japan is one of the major economic attractions. The manufacturing industry of automaking giants like Toyota, Honda makes the place an important city of Japan. This unique destination gives wanderers to experience both industry and archaeological tour of the country.

City’s highlights

Stroll through the Nagoya Castle Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens’ scenic beauty Science development at Nagoya City Science Museum

24. Kanazawa

The place features the best-preserved Edo-period and is a must-visit if travelers want to witness the naturalistic historic city. It is considered to be one of the hidden jewels of Japanese tourism. From tremendously refreshing gardens to the bustling market, the destination is an incredible halt in Japan.

City’s highlights

Oneof Japan's Top gardens Kenroku-en-Garden Kanazawa Castle contains a history of more than 400 years old. The Ninja Temple and its interesting connections with history Riverside Garden Party is not a miss thing to do.

25. Shirakawago

A historic village in Gifu, Japan was a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985. Shirakawago is famous for its residences that are organized in a way that presents an impressionistic view in winter.

City’s highlights

The breathtaking landscapes of the village Camp at the Hakusan National Park and complements your adventurous trip.

26. Shikoku

It is an island containing mountainous inner regions and some wondrous hiking, Shikoku is an emphatical place in Japan. Unbelievably, the destination is home to 88 Temple Pilgrimage. The halt exceptionally shows natural abundance and pristine rivers.

City’s highlights

Devour Cape Ashizuri –a scenic cape of Shikoku Iya Valley- and isolated beautiful mountain valley Shrines, castles Garden- all of them at Shikoku

26. Nagasaki

A historical city that hosts the impression of Dutch, Portuguese, and Chinese cultures, Nagasaki was the only harbor to which entry of foreign ships was permitted. Three days later of the Hiroshima bomb attack, a nuclear atom bomb was dropped in Nagasaki, and, to which afterward the place had been able to revamp well. Its sad history is one of the major attractions among travelers around the world.

City’s highlights

Nagasaki Dutch Slope Trip to Nagasaki Museum of history and culture and Atomic Bomb Museum Pleasant collection of European home at Glover Garden

Top 14 Things to do In London during

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The capital city of the United Kingdom is home to astonishing experiences that leave the soul flabbergasted. With family or friends or your partner, this kingdom is suited and gives every type of visitor the best experience of their lifetime. There is always a list to narrow down the confusion, still, there is bound to be a persistent dilemma in terms of things to do in this vibrant country, however, the list narrows down the perspective

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Lebanon Memorabilia: Thingsto see &do in Lebanon

From fascinating nature and magnificent museums to fabulous beaches and beach house parties…Lebanon has it all in its bounty to offer!

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Top 10 Places to Visit in Fiji during 2021

Whether it a family trip, a romantic getaway, a solo tour, or a fun adventure with your friends. These places in Fiji mark to be on the top list and cater to the desires of every kind of traveler.

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The best Things Travellers can do in Africa

Making a bucket list is always beneficial to travelers setting out, doesn't matter if it the first time or the 39th. Lists of things that can be done in Zimbabwe are:

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Bhutan Travel Tips

A brief guideline that unfurls essential tits bits of information to travel Bhutan, this will help frame a tailor made holiday and concise efforts and burden. Take a look at the top 10 tips to chalk out a splendid vacation:

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SWEDEN-The old world in a medieval wrap

Castle-Crew in Sweden: It calls for a sheer thrill to feel the vintage life wrapped in medieval charm when you prepare to visit multiple castles in Sweden with a vision to revisit the ancient lives of the royals and the countrymen.

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Most Favorable Places to Travel in India in February 2021

Searching for the top places to spend a proper vacation in India in February? Prepare a tailor-made holiday by taking these places into your itinerary:

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Top places to visit in Singapore for your Honeymoon

“You are my world, my life, The air that I breathe You are my galaxy, I wish to see changing Stars and the Seasons Only and only with you!!!” Honeymoon is that special moment for every newlywed, from where they start their life together, hand in hand, emotions entwined, and the two souls becoming one. To engrave such delightful instances of love one needs to plan with all the itinerary and decide the destination. Singapore has one of the best attractions for spending the perfect honeymoon reeking with romance, take your beloved and visit these popular locations;

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England, the Limeyland

“The hurly-burly of England tour Charismatic England can gift you framed memory to cherish:

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Set foot in the astonishing history of Kenya – Visit the Fort Jesus Museum

The Fort Jesus Museum is one of the most prominent historical structures built by the Portuguese in the 16th Century. The Town of Mombasa was the location where this structure sat. The present design of the Museum acted as defending structure and it protected the Portuguese on the Eastern Coast of Kenya. This monumental structure served as barracks for the Portuguese soldiers, it later got incorporated as a prison after the British protectorate took its stand. The Museum is now enlisted in the UNESCO World Heritage and is a historical landmark taken care of by the National Museums Association of Kenya.

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Witness the greatest beauty of Iran, one of the most popular attractions is the Khaju Bridge which had driven tourists from every corner of the world.

Iran is a destination that is a hub of history, at its finest. There are innumerable historical monuments and sites, and locations to pay a visit. Iran may not be a usual spot for tourism but, it has maintained its prime in its way. Travelers might face a common dilemma about safety in Iran, this dilemma is not true, and you can plan a perfect vacation with a guarantee of security. Iran is a very safe country and is at its utmost for the tourists. Apart from all the monuments and structures, one monument stands tall and is worth every penny for a visit, sitting at its prime on the river Zayanderud in Isfahan, “Khaju Bridge”. Khaju Bridge is one of the most famous and widely known destinations in Iran, it tops the charts undoubtedly for being one of the finest monumental structures in the city. Reading through a guide or blog will not be sufficient until you explore it physically, only then can the popularity be defined. The beauty of the standing monument will ride through your mind and rule your heart.

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Planning a tour is the most challenging part to enjoy the trip to the maximum. This page will help narrow down your search and shortlist the best places to make it a memorable experience!

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The most favorable time to stay in Greenland

Tourists planning to spend their vacation in Greenland should visit during the spring and summer seasons to enjoy the beach life. The summers are relatively much colder with sunlight, however, it is warmer than the winter seasons. The unique phenomenon, in Greenland, is that the highest temperature, in summers is around 10 degrees, which doesn't count the normal sunbathing and surfing for its beach life due to such lower temperatures. The Arctic animals step out of their habitats in the quest for vegetation, hence this experience of such a rare natural condition is worth witnessing only during the summers in Greenland.

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Italy Skydiving- A jump that packs an ocean of memories….

The Great Historical dynasty of Italy has a lot to offer to its tourists, from the magnificent Rome to the stunning aura of Tuscany, the History of this country marks the strongest foundation to uplift its culture. As per recent surveys, tourists have found yet another fascinating reason to visit Italy, skydiving! Being thrown out of the plane and floating in the sky before landing safely on the ground. These skydiving stories are shaping very fine and getting real fame in Global Tourism. One of Europe's oldest cities has a sound reputation due to its rising popularity in Skydiving. There are many drop zones to choose from starting from the stunning drop zone in Anzio located South of Rome to some of the beautiful northern spots along with CasaleMonferrato, Cremona, and Reggio Emilia, the drop zone around the Adriatic Coast of Italy or Pesaro finds its place in the top of the list as it gives some of the stunning skydiving scenarios. The Seaside Resort of Remini is also nearby from the drop zone giving you ample time to stretch and relax. This Blog delivers the best itinerary for the finest skydiving operators in Italy.

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Places to visit in Abu Dhabi in 2021

Tangled in a dilemma, or are you fed up sorting the top places to spend a blissful vacation but still failed to find one? We have got you the best attractions in Abu Dhabi to travel to in the year 2021.

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A historical guide through the Aristocratic Kingdom: Honeymoon itinerary for Cambodia

The guide to Cambodia – Cambodia has so much to offer to tourists who are newly-weds and have traveled for their honeymoons to be a very precious memory they can engrave deep inside their hearts. Cambodia is often stereotyped to be a land of temples, however, it has a very rich heritage and stunning destinations to explore defying the stereotyped assumptions. Cambodia has been ranked the top destination for honeymooners because of its dazzling nightlife, architecture, mystic temples and palaces, art inspired by traditions and religions, ancient relics, pristine beaches, and vibrant culture. Here is a complete itinerary for having your best honeymoon in a royal country. This list will let you explore the romantic phase of this country without overlooking the best experiences

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Best beaches in Cyprus for a tailor-made aquatic holiday

Some of the best beaches in Cyprus are listed below which are worth exploring and diving in.

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The magnificent Blue Mountains, historical lighthouse, natural caves, exhilarating adventure sites, clean ambiance, and blooming greenery, desolate island, sprawling harbor, dramatic beaches make Wales one of the most stunning destinations for travel trotters. Wales has an unavoidable attraction for all groups of wayfarers. The amalgamation of serenity, beach-life, sea cuisine, adrenaline rush, and a platter uplifting your spirits can be extracted from the trip to Wales!

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Ireland 24 Best Places to Visit in Ireland

Here we have highlighted a few of the best places to visit in Ireland of interest which Dublin City

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Seychelles, the sultry beauty embracing the saline water of the Indian Ocean satiates the adventure lust of tourists. Beach weather, cool breeze, a serene coast to take a sunbathe, and relaxing nightfall makes Seychelles the best place for the love birds. November is the most soothing time to travel to this place. Fascinating Seychelles Seychelles, an Archipelago in Eastern Africa is a perfect romantic hideaway for the newlyweds and the mates seeking solace and excitement to boost their newly wedded life. The amalgamation of islands encloses 115 islands, nature parks, dense forestation, aqua world create a buzz for the tourists. The eye-soothing patchwork of a blue and green aqua line is the prismatic melting pot of cultures and ethnicities. The island is sensational with a concoction of Arab, British, French, and African tastes. The natural dynasties of the rarest endemic birds, including the bare-legged Scoops owl, giant Aldebra tortoise are rare findings.

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Here are some of the top destinations for spending Christmas in Slovakia Slovakia Christmas Carp is a widely celebrated tradition which is always under great anticipation. In this festival, a Carp is kept and treated like a pet inside a bathtub which is then cleaned and prepared after some days. There are many other places to enjoy this festival if one misses out on one.

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The smallest independent country in the world with a population of 800 and stretched across 0.44kilometer square is the residence of Christian spiritual leadership and nationalists. The Vatican City is the holy city where visitors and pilgrims hover from around the world. The territory of the Holy See, the home of the archbishop and the Pope, who holds the highest religious respect and responsibility as the ultimate Catholic headmakes the Vatican City all the more unique. This place has a miscellaneous history of struggle, faith, and peace of about two millennia to reach the present status.

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The most popular destinations in Ajman • Dreamland Aqua Park • Etisalat Tower • Masfout • Seneyah Island • Al Murabba Watchtower • Ajman Dhow Yard • Ajman Marina • Sheikh Zayed Mosque • Al Zorah Natural Reserve • Ajman City Center • Ajman National Museum • UAQ Fort and Museum • Ajman Corniche

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In 2021, there are ten popular places to visit in Uzbekistan for a fantastic vacation. Uzbekistan, the current international tourism stunner, has emerged as a popular destination after being almost missing from the tourist map until 2011. The Silk Road's deadly history, as well as the cultural diversity of old cities, have aided Uzbekistan's burgeoning tourism industry. In 2017, Uzbekistan received 3 million tourists, placing it 76th in the world in terms of total visitors. Since the Arab Spring, travelers have become more interested in Uzbekistan's history, culture, and architecture. If you're planning a traditional tour, don't forget to include these hot spots in Uzbekistan on your itinerary. Uzbekistan's 10 Most Popular Tourist Attractions Uzbekistan, a country steeped in cultural past, provides a vivid window for travelers to capture wonderful glimpses of its odd attractions, architectural wonders, and rough terrains. From the futuristic city of Samarkand to the huge metropolis of Tashkent, Uzbekistan has the potential to be your next vacation destination. While you're here or planning a trip to Uzbekistan, have a look at this list of the top ten locations to see in the country:

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When Is the Best Time to Visit South Africa?

Tourists visit South Africa all year, although the summer months are the busiest from December to March. The travelers take November to be the best time to visit the site. November is South Africa's mildest, warmest, and most comfortable weather. It's a great way to get some sun and enjoy the scenery of the country. South Africa (SA) Things to Do in November The destination is often misunderstood as the sole thing to do in South Africa because of its jungle safari, but to your amazement, this exciting destination has more to serve

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Top 16 Food Festival Not to Miss in the Unites States

Festivals of food are an excellent way to learn about a country. Well, you get to socialize with the locals, learn about the country's taste and culture, sample some of the best local delicacies, and generally have a great time. Food festivals are also a terrific way to enrich your trip experience by tantalising your taste buds with new culinary pleasures you haven't had before. When we think of culinary festivals, we immediately think of those held in the United States. The United States is known for many things, and the cuisines available here range from tacos to burgers and steak to pies and much more. South and North American preferences are vastly different, which is beneficial to travellers. The 16 Best Food Festivals that are not to miss in the United States Food festivals in the United States feature delectable dishes, mouthwatering beverages, and pleasant people. Here are some of the biggest food and beverage events held each year in the United States. Take a look at this:

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Beautiful Places To Stay In Darjeeling Where You Can Relax And Enjoy Your Trip

Darjeeling, nestled in the Himalayan foothills, is a fairly vibrant town. This city in West Bengal, one of the most well-known among tourists, is all about absorbing observers with its huge mountains and lush greenery that are partially hidden by clouds. This town, surrounded by natural beauty has a lot to see and do. Think about staying in one of the Darjeeling hotels to get closer to the calm surroundings and fresh air, and also to get a view of the gorgeous Himalayas while enjoying the luxury that they are known for. The town in West Bengal is most known for its tea gardens, but it is surely a nature lover's pleasure. Tea enthusiasts are drawn here by the tea estates, which attract them to spend some quality time and even return over time. The presence of natural elements and the awe-inspiring background of Mount Kanchenjunga help in making city life comfortable.

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The Earth's lowest point with the highest level of wellness and healing

The Dead Sea is the minimal point on Earth and is known for its nourishing salty waters and healing properties. Let's talk about getting you to Jordan, the one and only! We promise you a trip like no other just after you've planned your itinerary, packed your bags, and flown to us. Whether you come from Amman or the southern route, you've seen the glorious Petra, the red sands of Wadi Rum, and you've finally arrived at the unique and sensational Dead Sea. Your wellbeing and healing journey is about to begin; we will take you to the next level of relaxation and feeling fresh like you've never felt before!

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Nepal Travel Blog

Our Nepal travel blog can help you plan a trip to Nepal. It's also about firsthand Nepalese adventures as trekkers, tourists, and travel bloggers, and as a family with children. This breathtaking place is just an example of divine beauty. We've been to Nepal both before and after the earthquake so fairly we know what to expect. We visited in 2001 and again more recently for climbs such as the Everest Base Camp trip and the Annapurna Circuit. Lumbini, Nagarkot, Chitwan, and Bhaktapur, among other interesting sites in Nepal, have been added to provide you with the most up-to-date information on what to see and do in Nepal.

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9 AMAZING Mauritius Activities

There's so much to do in Mauritius, from exploring the colorful capital, paddle boarding, and cooking traditional cuisine, to sampling the island's best rums, exploring natural wonders, and relaxing on paradise beaches! I just got back from a fictitious honeymoon! No, I'm not getting married anytime soon, but my trip felt like one of those incredible paradise escapes reserved for life's most special occasions. Mauritius was every bit as lovely as the photos I'd seen before going. The sand was soft and white, the water was clear and turquoise, and the locals were welcoming. Over the course of a week, we had breakfast on the beach, sunset walks, waterfall hikes, sunset yoga, and very tasty meals ranging from street food to gourmet delicacies. It turns out that Mauritius has a TON of things to offer. Here are a few must-see attractions if you only have a week on the island!

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Things to do in the Netherlands

Among Amsterdam's top attractions are those that tell the city's history and art. The Anne Frank House serves as a reminder of the horrors of war as well as the valiant efforts of some to resist oppression. The Rijksmuseum is devoted to the city's arts and history. It has been in this large building on Museum Square since 1885 and currently displays over 8,000 works of art and history, including works by the masters Frans Hals, Rembrandt, and Johannes Vermeer. The Van Gogh Museum, one of the world's most popular art museums, houses the world's largest collection of this Dutch painter's works as well as many of his contemporaries. Other things to do in Amsterdam include taking a canal cruise, wandering through Vondelpark, visiting the Stedelijk Museum of Art or the Rembrandt House Museum, or simply sitting at a café and watching the world go by. ZaanseSchans is located to the north of Amsterdam. This open-air museum recreates a traditional Dutch village using original structures, including windmills, a shipyard, a pewter factory, and houses. It's a great family day out with live demonstrations and activities. The flower-growing industry in the Netherlands is a major draw for visitors. The main bulb-growing region is to the west of Amsterdam, with Haarlem at its heart. The Keukenhof Gardens, the world's second largest flower garden, is the main attraction related to the flower industry. In addition to the spectacular displays of colour, markets, parades, and flower shows are held here each year. Cycling is a very Dutch thing to do during your visit. Many people rely on this mode of transportation to get around in areas where narrow streets and canals make driving impossible. Visitors are allowed to rent bikes and explore best sightseeing locations, some cycle enthusiastic places include Utrecht, The Little Picturebook Town of Giethoorn and Central Amsterdam. Naturally, the Netherlands has a lot to offer outdoor enthusiasts, from strolling along the miles of sandy beaches along its shores, particularly in the country's north, to watching wildlife in the De HogeVeluwe National Park. There are also numerous country cycle routes, golf courses, and locations for watersports such as sailing and kayaking. A trip to the Netherlands isn't complete unless you go shopping. Aside from Amsterdam's many districts, Haarlem and Leiden have been voted the best shopping cities in the country, and Maastricht is known for its fashion stores. Go to Edam or Gouda for cheese, and Delft for traditional pottery

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7 African Travel Blogs to Assist You in Planning Your Next Trip

Because Africa is such a vast and diverse continent, a traveller planning their next adventure may become quickly overwhelmed with options. Thankfully, there have been those who have gone before us to help guide us. We looked at seven must-read blogs to help you plan the perfect adventure.

P.S. We would love to assist you to customise your itinerary and make your travel incredibly memorable. All our travel plans and destinations are sincerely personalized as per the safety of our travellers. Therefore, it is requested to adhere to the guidelines strictly.